Ashlyn’s Story

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“We feel so at home at the Ronald McDonald House”

Ashlyn (15 years-old) and I are from Malaysia. Yes, all the way from the other side of the world! We have been here since January for her three-week preoperative scoliosis treatment. A halo is put on her skull for gravity traction to pull her spine straighter before surgery and then another three weeks post spinal fusion surgery (she went through a 12-hour surgery!).

We feel so at home at the Ronald McDonald House. We get to do our cooking in the extra-spacious and fully-equipped kitchen. There were never-ending supplies of snacks for us and the kitchen pantry is full of things we can use to cook our meals. My daughter loves the fresh apple packets from McDonald’s! And of course, we’ll never forget the sumptuous house dinners prepared twice a week by the community volunteers.

The Ronald McDonald House is so spacious and is just right for Ashlyn to do her daily walks around the House as part of her treatment and recuperation. The House provided everything we need from laundry facilities to unlimited toiletries supplies. While in the kitchen cooking we get to mingle with other families and share our stories of why we are here.

One evening while opening the room door, we noticed a beautiful fabric bag hanging on the door handle. When Ashlyn opened it, it was full of art and crafts materials that she enjoys doing and an adult coloring book with a beautiful set of color pencils. She picked up this hobby while in St Mary’s for two weeks and has enjoyed it ever since. The goody bags that we received were so well thought out. From the big tote bag which we find it so useful to bring to and from visiting the hospital, to the warm handmade blanket and coffee mug.

There is so much to thank you for. It’s sad having to say goodbye but we’re happy that we will be going home.

Thank you Ronald McDonald House!

Cathy (Ashlyn’s Mom) and Ashlyn
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Are you a current or former guest of the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, Minnesota? We’d love to hear your story!


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