Everyday Ways To Give

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When you’re doing your personal shopping, consider grabbing one or two items from our current Needs List and dropping it off at our House. Donations of Needs List items allow our families to focus on their families rather than shopping.
On Facebook on Wednesdays we share essential needs of the House.

Poptabs Pullforourhouse

Save up your aluminum pull tabs and donate them to RMHC Midwest MN, WI, IA. Pop tab donations add up and generate thousands of dollars for the families we serve each year. Cans can also be donated three times per year at our Cans for Kids event, hosted by McNeilus Companies.

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Thrivent Choice

RMHC Midwest MN, WI, IA is a participating Thrivent Choice organization.
Thrivent Choice is a charitable grant program that allows eligible members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes part of its charitable outreach grant funds each year.