Stories From the Heart


Precious Opal and Owen

Parents rarely feel prepared for twins. They feel even less prepared when the twins are born four months early. Ashley

Marching to Bianca’s Beats

As Laura glanced at her phone, it started ringing… It was their doctor’s personal cell phone. “We just accepted a

Aloha Anna

It’s a Minnesota family’s dream: a Hawaiian vacation to escape the winter cold. But for Jill and Greg…it quickly turned

All of Alejandro

Despite being born at 34 weeks, Alejandro was normal size and had no lingering medical concerns. Seven months later…he was


Ethan: More Than Meets the Eye

Surprises are generally good, but when Ethan was born…it was a challenging surprise for him and his parents. “You can’t

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Joyful Javohn

Javohn and his dad, Thomas, did not expect such a long and difficult journey. But after two tumors and one

Family 8

Every Day with Elian

Jesus and Leamsie have two beautiful sons: Elian and Adrian. And after spending 323 nights at the Ronald McDonald House

Evangelinestudio 2

Growing with Evangeline

Evangeline means good news. For mom and dad, Karissa and Ryan, the good news had complications…and came three months early.

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Faith and Love

When MaryAnn became pregnant, she was both happy and shocked. However, her doctor declared her a high-risk pregnancy and referred


Having Fayth

Ashley and Moses were flying high – their daughter, Fayth, was born and she was beautiful and in perfect health.


Walking with Hannah

Hannah is very bright. She graduated high school when she was 16 years old and enrolled at Pearl River Community


Hailey’s Heart

“Hailey is our tough, little bug,” said Tracie, Hailey’s mom. “Nothing is going to stop her – she is going

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Rachel in Rochester

Rachel was born very premature—at 26 weeks—and spent the first 108 days of her life in the neonatal intensive care